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What's the differential diagnosis?

21 December 1959
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♣ Dr. Gregory House

Born 21st December, 1959 to John and Blythe House in Ohio. Studied medicine and completed graduate programme at University of Michigan (circa. 1977). Met Lisa Cuddy through Michigan. He and Cuddy had a night together where "he gave her everything", though it's never stated when this happened. Began residency at John Hopkins in 1984, offered a Doyle Internship, but was expelled by the Dean in 1986 for cheating off fellow student, Phillip Weber. Completed double specialty in Diagnostics and Nephrology in 1989. Met Wilson, his best friend, around this time.

Met first and only serious girlfriend, Stacy, in 1995. Lived with her for five years. Misdiagnosed infarction to his right thigh in the summer of 2000 left House crippled and in permanent pain. Relationship with Stacy ended in the winter of 2001.
About This Journal ♦

This journal holds to no particular timeline. Stories and entries will be written from all facets of House's canon. Roleplay may take place in this journal. Some works here may be considered adult content - please refrain from reading should this offend you. House will be written both paired with female and male characters. If het or slash bothers you, again please refrain from reading.

Anybody is free to interact with House if they wish, and OOC comments are equally as welcomed. Should you wish to roleplay with House, please don't hesitate to ask. You can get in contact with House or myself by leaving a voicemail to House/a comment to me here.
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Disclaimer ♠

This journal is purely a work of fiction. All stories and entries written here are purely for fun and not at all intended as copyright infringement. House is not a real character and I don't claim to be him. I don't claim any affiliation with Hugh Laurie, either.